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Question #21

b/c i get some interesting answers for this....

hqotd: tell me your life story! :)
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Once upon a time a little girl was born in a little town in the east of Quebec. After 4 miscarriages, her parents welcomed very much the little being that would be their only one. they brought her up as well as they could half living in Quebec where she went to school during the week, and in the deepest woods of vermont during the week ends where she learned to deal with nature. She was a vey stubborn, impatient, moody, jealous child, but also bright, talented and inquisitive. Which she still is today.

When she was about 11, her parents decided to move to Florida. they picked up all their stuff, sold the leftovers, left some in their house in vermont, and fled in their little car to florida. Over there life was so much different for the little french girl. Especially since she did not speak much english. So she worked hard and learned it better than real english speakers in 3 months. So she kind of stopped working hard at that time and still kept a 4.0 average.

By age 14 she had made many friends, learned a lot of things, and was quite happy there. She would even be having her 8th grade prom at the end of the year! She was quite happy!

2 months before the end of the year and the prom her grandparents became sick and one of them died. her parents decided it was time to go back home to the cold. :o(

The problem was that by then the little girl did not speak french anymor,e but she would have to go to french school! ACK! well... She worked hard again and 2 months later she started being lazy again and kept a 3.8 average again. but she was very very sad because not only did she lose all her grandparents in 2 months, she had no more friends and she felt alienated in her own country. :o( She was very very sad.

one day she started high school. there she met very..interesting people... eventually she had a whole group of friends! and not only that, she started feeling like this was her home again! And she didn't want to go back to florida anymore! So she had the best times of her life, enjoyed life very very much! by that time she had started writing and was very much interested in literature and language.

So when she finished high school she went to college in literature and language! :o) She lost a few friends due to them moving, but the most important stayed with her.

By that time she'd had the internet for a good while, and she had met a few guys online. One broke her heart, one used her body, one played her mind and the last one stayed forever! So this one guy came to stay with her and her parents, and is still around every day and she stil loves him very very much!

now the little girl had become very much informed culturally and very critical of things around her. By this time many people hated her because she wasn't afraid of speaking her mind and being who she was. She was very arrogant.

She got her diploma..quite easily might I add, and she went on to the big fearfull university! but what to choose???

so she looked at everything, and eventually she choose to go to a very good english university close to her home in english literature. by that time she had co-written a book and also had a few short stories in backround. life in university was not the same. Not only did her habit of not working too hard get her badly, she let herself be taken into various things that kept her mind occupated with the wrong things.

So now the little girl searches for something valuable to do with her life.

hey i really liked that. cool life story! :)
born, adopted, grew up in suburb of suburb of Portland, OR. brilliant child, got stifled, not as much attention as i'd have liked, spent too much time on computers, video games. got national attention for game/computer prowess, won awards for scholastic aptititudes. little recognition from parents. teased a lot at school. few real friends. eventually started to give up on things, failed some classes, grew to be considered brightest student in all my classes but only passed 2/3 of them. eventually graduated HS with 1.8 GPA and 1520 SATs. had one gf in HS, she asked me out, dumped me after 3 mos, never even kissed. was a geek all of growing up.

applied to ltos of colleges, got accepted Carnegie Mellon, Pepperdine, DigiPen, Earlham, Colorado College, and UO. folks sent me to state school.

i did great at first, brother died halfway through my freshman year. i took month+ off, tried to finish term anyway. failed. pretty much failed 3rd term as well, was kicked out of college. started having massive mental problems. put in itnensive counselign, psychiatric testing, etc. got put on lots of meds, eventually found some that worked.

folks made me go back to school, i didn't want to. aced everything at first, then broke down, eventually failed out again. had a few gf's btu still no kisses or anything. got raped at frat event. mroe psychiatric crap. folks made me petition council members to get back into school, had dean of student life speak for me to get back in saying he knew i was capable, just mentally damaged. folks divorced.

met girl over summer, started fallign in love, had nervous breakdown, failed out fo college 3rd time. met new girl. stayed with her for next 3 years off and on. tried to start web design company, failed. worked at gas station and felt miserable for long time. continued to try and get web design company working. eventually moved to Portland.

did software testing. got hired as contractor at Oracle, then full-time employee. eventually moved to Seattle. girl previuosly mentioned and i broke up. dated like crazy. did stupid stuff. got hurt a lot. met girl. fell in love. broke up. she was pregnant. she had abortion. met other girl. started to hate relationship. had minor breakdown. she had sex with me. we broke up next day. she got pregnant. i became a father. company i work for got bought out by defense contractor. moved 5 times in about a year.

currently at same job, stable apartment, contemplating getting abck together with girl who had abortion. love my daughter, strugglign with mother. folks getting divorced still (appeal in court). little family. virtually no friends. not on meds anymore. occasional breakdowns. spend too much time online. spend too much time at work. still not really alive. still damaged.

sorry, not a happy story. :-/ but i am struggling to be a happy person and create my own life, as best i can. someday i'll smile a lot, i know i will. wish life had been better but all i can do is make most of what i have now.